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1- Is your customization page defined as homepage?
2- Is your customization page defined as one of woocommerce pages?
3- Does the product you are trying to customize exists and is published in your shop?
4- Are you accessing this page from one of the product designer buttons?

Don’t worry if your design isn’t perfect. Our designers will adjust your photos or text and get back to you with any changes we make.

  • When uploading images, please use the best quality you have.
  • Your original images will be saved with the design.
  • When your design is complete  you can download, print and share. 
  • Your designs can be accessed in your cart and modified from your cart.
  • If you do not wish to create a design, please just upload your photos and we will develop the design for you. Please add notes, at checkout, to your order to give us some guidance.

Adding Background Color Text Instructions

If you selected a photo display that includes a section with text:

  1. Select “Shape” from the left lower menu, use a shape and stretch it to fit the entire area.
  2. Select a background color from the color picker and your shape to color the background.
  3. Use the top tool bar to move your image or text to the front of your background.
  4. Add/Design your copy (select a font and size or stretch your copy)

For products with multiple templates (front and back), please upload and place one photo or image at a time on each template page. If you upload multiple photos or images on a single template, you can clear the template using the sweeper icon from the tool bar and then click on an image to add it back to the template.