Do you offer coupons?

Coupons may be offered from deal sites or promotions we run. They are applied at check out and are not case sensitive when entered.

Where are your products made?

All of our products are made in the U.S.A. at our facility in Bristol Pennsylvania. We do not ship anything out to have it produced.

Can I use photos from social media sites like Facebook?

The answer depends on the quality of the picture that was uploaded to the social media site. If the photo was taken with a good camera,  it should be decent enough to enlarge. On photos that are taken at low resolution or a screen shot, they will be too small to use for a print.  To print an 8×8 photo, we need a photo that is 800×800 pixels – that is the minimum requirement on the site for uploads.

What kind of wood do you use?

For our carvings/etchings and direct print on wood, we use select 3/4 inch maple hardwood and for the print on canvas – mounted on wood – we use 3/4 inch furniture grade birch wood. 

Ornaments are made with 1/4 inch birch wood and each shape is cut to perfection. 

We are careful to select only the best quality material for everything we make. 

What kind of printers do you use?

All of our printers and inks are G7 color certified to ensure the quality of the printed work we create.  We have amazing printers that can print up to 8 feet wide and just about any length.

What print material do you use?

All of the print material we use are selected to use specifically for high quality printing and are UV resistance to prevent fading.  They are intended to last a life time. 

Our canvas finish is best for high quality photos and has a lower sheen. *Most of the images on the site were printed on canvas.

A matte finish is low sheen and provides extra sharp detail.

The gloss finish is has a high sheen and creates a true photographic look.

How are carvings/etchings made?

Carvings\etchings are created on our high powered laser machine on 3/4 inch maple wood. If for some reason we find that your photo is not suitable for laser carving, we will notify you and either select another photo or provide a refund.

Do you have a design tool?

The design tool is used to help you view your photos in a template before you buy. We use this as a guide to print what you have in mind. It is recommended that you crop your images before uploading and resize as needed. Resizing does not change the actual pixels while cropping will reduce the number of pixels.

When we receive your design, we have access to both the images and the design you created.

If you would rather upload just the photos and skip the design, please crop the images and use a file name that contains the size (photo8x8front.jpg).

Please be aware that larger images make take longer to upload.  If we need better quality photos, we will contact you.

How long does it take to make the products?

We strive to make your order in 5 business days. Depending on what you selected for shipping, delivery days will vary. If it will take longer, we will let you know.

Will my cutting board look exactly like my design?

Wood by its nature is not uniform in the tone, grain and variations. Because of this, the cutting board you receive will have slightly different tones and variations than the one you create in your design. At times, your design will span lighter and darker areas of the wood. But, that is what makes each one unique.

What are the recommended print sizes and pixels for best results?

For the best results, please use the following for your photos:

Print SizePixels